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Gallery 63
Halloween Adventure Store, Buena Park, Oct. 5, 2008.

Gallery 62
Some more pix from Belgium.

Gallery 61
Some pix of cars at our June 2005 meeting, pix from England and Belgium.

Gallery 60
Still more pix from our friends in Holland. They were on TV.

Gallery 59
Some more pix from Holland and an update on the 1916 Geisel hearse from gallery 1.

Gallery 58
Even more cool folks eager to share their photos with us including a 1936 Auburn.

Gallery 57
More cool folks eager to share their photos with us.

Gallery 56
It's really cool how there are so many cool folks out there that have hearses and are eager to share their photos with us.

Gallery 55
More from Holland, one from Canada and one from the UK.

Gallery 54
Here you'll find a "before" and "after" restoration of a 1937 La Salle and some pix from Holland.

Gallery 53
Chris also sent us photos of unidentified coaches out of Australia. Other folks have sent us stuff too.

Gallery 52
Chris sent us more photos of interesting coaches out of Australia.

Gallery 51
More interesting coaches out of Australia.

Gallery 50
Photos emailed including some interesting coaches out of Australia.

Gallery 49
Meeting photos which were emailed to us.

Gallery 48
More photos y'all have sent us.

Gallery 47
Meeting and mailed photos.

Gallery 46
Even more photos of various meetings plus a special treat, a beautifully restored 1947 coach.

Gallery 45
Still more photos of various meetings.

Gallery 44
More photos of various meetings and our Christmas light cruise, a must see.

Gallery 43
New photos emailed to us. And, some photos of various meetings.

Gallery 42
More photos from down under.

Gallery 41
More National Museum of Funeral History photos and photos from Mark "Tinny" Flynn in Australia.

Gallery 40
A couple of members went to Houston Texas in mid-November, 2000, and while they were there, they checked out the National Museum of Funeral History. Here's what they saw.

Gallery 39
Arizona member Skull submitted LOTS of photos of the Knott's procession. They are all presented here for your enjoyment.

Gallery 38
More pics from Mark Flynn and pics from Scary Perry Claeys.

Gallery 37
Mark Flynn of our Australian chapter had a "Dawn Of the Dead" house warming party and these are the pics.

Gallery 36
Still more Calico with a willing victim.

Gallery 35
More pics of us having fun in Calico, California, just outside of Barstow.

Gallery 34
Still more emailed stuff and pics of a one-of-a-kind '59. We also have pics of our March meeting in Calico here.

Gallery 33
Back to photos as usual. More nice folks have sent us great stuff.

Gallery 32
The last of the Vegas 2000 pics in a big format.

Gallery 31
LOTS more Vegas 2000 pics in a big format.

Gallery 30
Even more Vegas 2000 pics.

Gallery 29
Still more Vegas 2000 pics.

Gallery 28
More Vegas 2000 pics.

Gallery 27
More of Scott Croft and his coach plus some photos of a horse drawn hearse and some Vegas 2000 pics.

Gallery 26
If you like customized coaches, then this one may be to your liking. Scott Croft was kind enough to send us these images, thanks Scott.

Gallery 25
Even more stuff folks have been kind enough to email in.

Gallery 24
Still more stuff folks have been kind enough to email in.

Gallery 23
More stuff folks have been kind enough to email in.

Gallery 22
Knott's was totally cool as was the Halloween drags.

Gallery 21
We went to Knott's Berry Farm (aka. Knott's "Scary" Farm) during the Holloween season.

Gallery 20
Still more photos that people have emailed to us. Thanks for the photos.

Gallery 19
Here go some more photos that people have emailed to us.

Gallery 18
To all of you kind folks that have emailed us photos, this one's for you. We know we've been a bit lax about getting these up but we're working hard at correcting that.

Gallery 17
Just before Halloween, we went to the drag races in Pomona, California. The sponsors of the races offered us a special class just for our cars. Here go some pics for you to enjoy. For those that are courious, most of the Cadillac coaches ran the quarter-mile in about 19 seconds. There is also a Ford Model A hearse in this gallery.

Gallery 16
This gallery was of the races but we found more Australian hearses for you so they were grouped together with the ones from gallery 15 and gallery 17 shows the drags and more.

Gallery 15
Here go a few pics of some Australian coaches. Many of them start out as station wagons and are converted into hearses by simply changing the interior of the rear of the vehicle or by a total redesign of the rear of the vehicle.

Gallery 14
Just a few more photos of Phillip's and Mark's travels and one photo of an odd coach.

Gallery 13
Phillip Smith and Mark Villarino continued their travels around northamerica including a stop at the Auburn, Cord, Deusenberg museum in Auburn Indiana and they found a really interesting car there. Click in and have a look.

Gallery 12
Phillip Smith and Mark Villarino also attended the Professional Car Society international meet in Baltimore Maryland in summer of '97. Here are some highlights.

Gallery 11
In late summer 1997, Phillip Smith and Mark Villarino visited some parts of the United States and these are some of the things they saw.

Gallery 10
A few pics from our Colma '98 road trip and from the '97 Cadillac and LaSalle club grand national.

Gallery 9
Here are a few more of those PCS/PCHC™ meeting.

Gallery 8
Our most recent event was the joint meet with the So. Cal. chapter of the PCS. Given that it was a long drive for most of us, we had a really good turn out.

Gallery 7
Eric sure takes a lot of pictures. Here are some from our second road trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gallery 6
Still more pics from Eric. Here are more of our last Halloween party and a few pics taken at a meeting at the Halloween Club, a kind of warehouse store of Halloween items.

Gallery 5
More pictures from Eric. Here are a couple of meetings at graveyards and our most recent Halloween party.

Gallery 4
Member Eric Pabst was (and still is) quite the shutter-bug. Over the years, he has amassed quite an archival collection of club photos. Here go some photos from the first and second "Blessing of the Cars" car show, a summer picnic, and our first Colma road trip.

Gallery 3
Here are more pictures of the June meeting/picnic and a couple of interesting photos of older hearses, one found on the PCS message board and one found on the Kruse international auction page.

Gallery 2
Pictures of our June meeting/picnic. We had a lot of cars attend this meeting. There are also some photos that have been emailed to us. Email us a photo and we will add it to our latest gallery.

Gallery 1
Our first gallery. This has our first set of photos including the complete story behind the 1916 Geisel hearse.

We love pictures of hearses and are always looking to include them on our site. If you have one (or more) then please E-mail a TIFF, JPG or GIF image to us at: