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This was sent to us by J-F. He says "Are you looking for original hearses?? Here is mine ... a 1974 Oldsmobile regency with a 455...
That's what I would call a really cool paint job.
Back in September, 2000, We had a meeting at the Peterson's Automotive museum while they had a display of TV and movie cars. This one you may recognize as Elvira's T-Bird from her movie.
Doesn't that interior look inviting?
Oh well, I guess Jeff just couldn't resist.
"First thing you know, ol' Jed's a millionare..." Just taking the truck 'round the block.
I'm sure that EVERYONE recognizes this car but incase you don't, it's the Munster's Coach.
Hey guys, don't get any bright ideas (as if you can't see what's comming next).
You knew this was comming.
Do you think they would notice if it was missing for a few hours?

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