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Another shot of the banner strapped to my '66 as we waited to start the cruize.
I got quite a few laughs with the signs I had on my coach. Even though some were laughing, I still managed to offend people which was great.
The line up of cars we managed to get as a club entry. My '66 Caddy Superior, Jon's '71 Dodge Phoenix, a ring-in '71 Ford ambulance (1 of only 3 of that type made), Michelle's '59 Ford Mainline and another ring-in, Emma's HZ Holden ute which we were calling a flower car.
Another look at Jon's '71 Dodge.
Close up of the Ambulance.
Michelle's '59 mainline and Emma's ute. Emma had never been to the Summernats before and was totally blown away when I told her we got her into the supercruize.
Michelle Flynn (no relation) and her daughter Tara. Michelle and Tara love hanging out with us mad Hearse drivers and will come along to any event we go to, maybe we should sign them up for membership.
Noel (in the red shirt) was just another entrant at the 'nats and was a bit surprised when Jon and I asked him if he would like to join us in the cruize with his ambulance. We told him we needed to make up numbers and he happy to help us out with his ambo and friends.
I let Kathryn drive my coach in the cruize, here you see just what a study of concentration she is when we first got onto the track. This was only the 2nd time she has driven my coach.
Jon changes the decal on his back window every Summernats. This year... "Call US...1900 CREMATE-A-MATE.

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