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I think this was a Buick. This beautiful car showed another example of people not respecting other people's stuff. Notice how the front doors of this coach open backwards (suicide style). To prevent the doors from swinging into the sides of the coach, there is a wide, heavy leather strap attached with long screws to the door and the door jam near the lower hinge. The door had been opened so hard that the screws were ripped from the jam and still dangling from the strap.
Another lovely horse drawn coach.
A fine example of a 1950(?) Superior side-loader owned by a guy from California.
This had a perfect red mohair interior, simply to die for.
From what I remember about this casket, this was from the early 1800's. It was one of the earliest square designs and it incorporated a cross as part of it's lid.
The story with this casket? Well, from what I remember, way back near the turn of the century, this couple had a child that had passed away. They were so distraught over their loss that they had planned for the husband to murder the wife then commit suicide. They then planned to be buried together in one casket. They had this casket made special order so they could follow through with their plan. Several years later, in the 1950s, the husband ended up dying of old age. I guess they never got around to executing their plan. By this time, the couple had moved to another state and the husband was buried there. Figuring that it's pointless to finish the plan, the wife wanted a refund on the casket they ordered. The funeral home had changed hands three times in the interim and told her that after all this time, she can't get a refund, it's her casket. Skipping some more years, it wound up at the museum.
Ever see a genuine, right-hand drive,Toyota chassis, Japanese hearse? Almost looks like an elaborate camper shell.
Not much space for an extra wide casket. As unorthidox as this looks to us westerners, you got to appreciate the work that went into making this coach.
Mark "Tinny" Flynn from our Australian chapter sent us these next few photos for your enjoyment: We had a wake for the end of leaded petrol over here, the government in it's infinite wisdom decided we don't need to drive our old cars any more so they're phasing it out and it'll be totally gone by 2002. This is a shot of Michelle and I from the local paper. Dec 30th.
Me and my '66 Superior taken at Summernats and again this pic was in the local paper. Summernats has got to be the worlds biggest horsepower party. There was over 1,600 entrants this year and over 100,000 spectators. One car registered 850 horsepower at the wheels and a lady in a '67 Camaro was crowned the world champ of the burnout competition. Keep an eye out for Popular Hot Rodding magazine as they will be running a story on the 'Nats.
We were fortunate to get a club entry into the supercruize which is one of the main events of Summernats and Jon had a club banner made for us. This is a shot of members and ring-ins just before the cruize. L to R. Neil, Noel, Leah, Jon, Michelle B, Tara, Michelle F and Kathryn.

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