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The casket compartment of a horse drawn coach from the U.S. Civil War era.
Talk about some outstanding vehicles. My appoligies for not jotting down details about each car but they were about to close and I was too excited. I remember that this is a Ford Model T ambulance, can't remember the builder, sorry.
This coach here is owned by some fellow in California. Unfortunately, the casket compartment wasn't open.
This one I do recal, it's a Ford Model T hearse. The divider had stained glass in it.
Another gorgeous late 30's coach.
This was probably one of their more, if not the most, exquisite coach, a late 30's Henny Packard flower car.
A couple of the more unique features are the drop-down tailgate on the back of the coach and the suicide rear side doors. There wasn't much keeping the public from approaching the cars except for the occasional rope. This car had rope around both sides and the front but not the back. The result was lots of fingerprints on the chrome of the tailgate. Folks just have no respect for other people's stuff.
This horse drawn hearse was from Germany.
Another cool horse drawn hearse. What you see is what I know.

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