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This is a photo of Hewy and Ruth Wick's place. Kinda looks like a fire engine farm.
Ya know, I bet you they grow them here.
Here we are taking one out for a spin. Talk about an attention getter.
Every year, we get a group together (sometimes many, sometimes few) for a Christmas Light Cruise through a local "candy cane lane." Here in a nearby parking lot getting ready. Appropriately enough, it was that of a mortuary. Larry is making some final adjustments.
Looking good, hope the battery doesn't run down.
Jeff strung garland around his coach...
...all the way around.
Mark's lights are a bit subdued against the flash but work fine nonetheless.
Chuck and Debbie Pierce's lights were very dynamic, their's were the only ones that blinked. I believe they're called "chaser" lights.
It's hard to tell from this photo but the Pierce's car with the chaser lights drew the most attention.

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