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Here we are parading our way down into candy cane lane.
A view of the Pierce's car against a backdrop of lights found throughout the neighborhood.
Our March 2001 meeting was at Travel Town in Griffith Park near Burbank.
Here's a partial line-up of the cars in attendance. We usually get about 15 coaches show up to most meetings.
At every meeting, we have a raffle and hand out all sorts of GREAT prizes.
Our May 2001 meeting was at Sunny Side Cemetery in Signal Hill, California. Here go three of the four flower cars that showed up.
This is Ronnie's 1959 Superior flower car.
This is a 1965 S&S standard glass flower car, the only one made and the same one featured in the black book (you know which one that is).
This view shows most of the coaches that were in attendance.
Another view of the cars that showed up.

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