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We've all heard about it and read about and seen their website. Here goes C.W. Coach Sales in Ohio. Philip Smith and Mark Villarino stopped by one morning and took a few pics. The selection is so large that they cannot keep it in one locaiton.
Phillip is checking out a fraction of the huge inventory.
Carl told us that this is a one-of-a-kind '64 Eureka ambulance. It's all complete and it runs.
For those of you that like Lincoln based pro-cars... I can't tell you the year but I can tell you that it was one really long car.
Dale, Carl's partner, owns this exquisite '55 flower car with only about 15,000 original miles. Talk about a beautiful car. Since it was in a garage, this was the best shot we could get.
We've all heard of it and many of our coaches were made by them. Here go some behind the scenes photos of the S&S/Superior factory.
The folks at S&S/Superior were really accomodating and friendly. They took us on a tour of the place and were kind enough to allow us to snap a few pics and share them with you. In this area, they make the side and rear doors.
Their manufacturing process consists of two lines, their limo line seen here and their hearse line. Though much of their business consists of limos, their core business is hearses.
Here is their revolutionary frame streching machine. They essentially bolt the car into this frame extender, cut it in half, and weld in the extension. The front and rear part remain immobilized yet aligned with each other during the process virtually eliminating problems normally associated with streching a car. Quality control is a top priority with S&S/Superior.
These are finished cars that are ready to be shipped out or picked up. Before the cars get to this point, they have gone through dozens of inspections and checks and re-checks. They commented that they really don't like returns so they make sure the cars are 100% perfect before the customers takes posession of them. This was a really wonderful experience and we want to, again, thank the fine folks at S&S/Superior for their hospitality.

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