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Here we are on our way to Colma for Memorial Day weekend, 1998.
Smile! You're on candid camera!
Looks like the patient is, unfortunately, making a speedy recovery.
The Cadillac and LaSalle club grand national meet in summer of 1997. They had a few professional cars and some unusual surprises. Most of the pro-cars had to park together.
A near perfect and fully equiped '69 Superior combo setup for operation as an ambulance.
What on earth is that! If I remember correctly, I was told that this is an Italian made (Ghia) body fitted onto a '53 chassis. A recent email regarding this car read: This special body was made by the German coachbuilder Spohn of Ravensburg on a Cadillac-chassis. It was called "Die Valkyrie" and was, of course, a one-off. I don´t know what happened to the car, but the coachbuilder closed its doors in 1956 when the factory was sold. Spohn did several one-offs for a couple of US army majors. I guess whoever can produce original sales literature or other documentation will be able to solve the mystery of this car.
The front end on this thing was simply unbelievable.
This isn't exactly a hearse but it's interesting none the less. Notice one unusual feature that is missing on regular station wagons?
If you guessed that the pillar between the front and back doors is missing, then you're right. This car started out as a four door coupe and given to a coach builder by the owner, not Cadillac, to convert to a wagon. Most Cadillac subcontracted conversions don't look well proportioned but this one does, even with the missing pillar.
This is a '55 wagon that was built by Hess & Eisenhart in response to a bid from Cadillac to coach builders to submit prototypes for consideration of a wagon option.

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