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Eve is sporting a maliciously evil smile as she cleans and polishes the inside of her '68 M&M 3-way.
Here goes a well equiped '71 lifeliner.
PCHC President Rock Griffith shoots flames out the back of his '64 Pontiac hearse.
If Rock's flames got out of hand, we were ready with this fire truck. The back is a 1909 Seagrave that was originally horse drawn. The tractor is a 1917 American La France that was added later. It was recently in a movie about Houdini (called Believe) that will be on TNT. It was shot at Paramount studios in Hollywood, which is next to a cemetery. (Just thought we'd throw that in..) This thing was really something else, the guys that brought it had it on the back of a semi and after they unloaded it, they took it around the park for a spin.
Here we are at the "Blessing of the Cars" 1998 Rock's '64 Pontiac "Bone Ville" was open in all it's glory playing dark tunes.
It looks like we had about a dozen cars show up for this show.
Here go two M&M 3-ways, a '66 and a '68.
Here go a couple of more cars, a '64 M&M and a '59 Superior.
Bill Smith shows off his casket in front of his '65 Pontiac Superior.
Members Mark and Shirline enjoying the tunes coming from Rocks Coach.

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