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Here we are on our way to Heise Park near Julian California.
Pretty cool to see this many coaches making the trip.
The parking lot was nestled ammong trees and sort of devided up into little nitches of four or five slots.
I think this is a '76.
A '64 S&S and a '68 M&M.
A rare '65 Pontiac Superior.
A Cotner-Bevington on an Oldsmobile chassis.
This was the site for the first joint PCHC and PCS So. Cal. meet. This is a beautiful '66 S&S victoria 3-way electric with a lovely dark green casket on the table.
Ronnie Grubbs is demonstrating how the 3-way table works in his '66 S&S. He also shows that there is more to the inside of a casket than the dead body. Care to climb in for a test fit?
This line-up includes a '64 S&S end-loader, '68 M&M end-loader and a '76(?) Superior 3-way with working air. Boy, that had to be nice for the drive there and back.

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