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In late summer, 1997, the Professional Car Society (PCS) held their annual international meet in Baltimore, Maryland. Phillip Smith and Mark Villarino attended and have a few pictures here to share. This was the first day in a back parking lot of the hotel reserved for PCS cars only.
They sure do have some really nice older coaches. The flower car on the left was truely beautiful.
This is the car that Phillip and Mark took to the meet. Phillip is a PCS member and had registered for the meet which allowed them to park there. This was a 1980 S&S out of Wisconsin. This car had air, am/fm stereo, levelizer and an extender table, all of which worked.
Here goes a gorgeous Packard Henney flower car.
This flower car was totally immaculate.
Which one of you wouldn't kill for this Studabaker (or is it a Packard?) 3-way?
This car is entirely complete with the blue mohair interior and the most amazing thing is that this is UN-RESTORED. Can you say ``WOW''?
This was in the parking lot of the Fire truck museum just north of Baltimore.
While we were at the Fire truck museum, this car drove up with a rumble. This Flxible Buick had be customized with hydraulics and side pipes among other things.
Although this car was shunned by most of the PCSers, it was a hit with the public in attendance. The owner was more than happy to show-off what this car could do, he even rigged the hydraulics to work by wireless closeWindow(); expandingWindow.

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