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Jaimee, Tinny as William Wallace but you can't tell Mark's wearing a kilt, David Moon (Azaria Chamberlin) and Clint with jon Greaves in front.
And the band played on.
and on.
(Elvira) Allen Levinson's '67 Superior Crown Royale at Australia's Most Haunted House near Junee NSW, called 'Monte Christo'. We are planning a club run there soon. Monte Christo has an impressive collection of horse drawn vehicles including 2 horse drawn Hearses, and the ghost stories from there are amazing.
This 1980 Buick Superior Endloader by S&S was sent in by Scary Perry Claeys.
As you can see, Scary Perry Claeys is another well dressed, good-looking coach driver.
Scary Perry has a new club called the Grave Sights Hearse Club. You can find their link on our Flee page.
The photo effects really add to the whole image.
says it all.

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