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Mark Flynn of our Australian chapter had a "Dawn Of the Dead" house warming party. The basic Idea was that guests had to come as someone dead. Let's see how it went. This is the front of Mark's place with Allen Levinson's '67 Superior and Mark's '66 Superior.
The coaches again from a different angle.
Mark's 8 year old girl Cassandra with her throat cut for the party.
Mark's 10 year old girl, Jaimee as the witch.
Some guests returning after going to the local shops for some booze, Marilyn Monroe (Louise), Death himself (Scotty), Karen Carpenter (Clint) and John Holmes (Jon Greaves, our Funeral Director).
Marilyn Monroe (Louise) even turned up.
Allen Levinson from Sydney as Jake Blues with his coach "Elvira".
Michelle (our Crypt Keeper) and Neil, Mrs Addams & Lurch.
Amanda was so lucky that Paula Yates died in the preceeding week so that she could come to Mark's party.
Andrew and Margret as Sid & Nancy.

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