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We sure shoot the breeze alot at these meetings.
Mike looking most dastardly and dangerous."
Oh, oh, a most willing and enthusiastic victim.
Rest in peace.
Think Rock got locked in?
Paul from Australia sent this to us. It's a 1946 Pontiac with a torpedo six engine. It's Australian built with Holden body #1. Last that we know, this car was for sale.
Erik from Chicago sent us a photo of his lovely 1966 Cadillac S&S Victoria. She has only 54000 original miles, and is 100% stock. Up here in the Chicago area, she is a real head turner since older coaches are relatively rare in the land of rust.
Ken Warren returned from a trip to Australia and was very kind to send us photos from his trip. These next three photos are from an old gold town called Saverine Hills.
This is the town's horse drawn hearse.
I wonder if they do most of their funerals on sunday, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!

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