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Knott's was very generous and had the entire event VERY well organized. Among the benifits, reserved front row parking.
In this photo, you can see about half of the hearses that participated. In all, 53 hearses participated.
It didn't matter what kind of hearse you had or what shape it was in, it was welcome and counted in the total.
Eric Pabst and Michael Petrich just can't keep their hands off each other.
Gee, Eric, I guess that grin on your face means it was good for you too.
On the count of three. Ready. One, two, three, "click".
Knott's had two hearses of their own.
Michael "McMorbid" Petrich kicking back and posing for a photo.
Keith appears to be having trouble. Not to worry, though, there's plenty of help near by.
This is Tony Ivankovich's candy apple red 1964 Pontiac Superior that he drove in from Freedom California. Other long-distance members include Michael Petrich that drove in from Las Vegas, Nevada, Eric Pabst from Colorado, and Ken Warren from Bullhead City, Arizona.

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