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Knott's even arranged for a police escort so there would be no breaks in the procession. Just imagine seeing a continous line of 53 coaches driving by. Food for thought: Each coach is about 22 feet long and let's say that there were about two car-lengths between each car, that would come out to a procession of almost 3500 feet (or 2/3 mile).
Bill Smith hangin' out next to a sleek '69.
Cool mural and license plate.
Looks like Jeff Perin is ready to head out.
"Yeah, this is my '58".
Bob and Heather Saenz brought out their recently completed '55 Pontiac Superior previously owned by Bill Smith.
"Better make sure this siren works, just in case".
We did the drag races in Pomona California on Halloween this year (1999). Here we are stagged and ready to go.
Craig Hoppkins did one of the best burnouts of the day with his 65 Pontiac Superior.
Kri Kendal won best dial-in time and was awarded this huge trophy.

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