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Allan Levinson sent in this one of his right-hand drive 67 Superior. For more details, you can check it out here.
This is Larry Agema's pride and joy, a 1965 Superior Combo with 65,000 original miles and box stock original except for the dual exhaust.
Adam Borkat sent this in along with the next two. They are factory photos. This one is a 90's Cadillac something.
These look like 90 something Cadillac Superiors.
A 90's Lincoln something.
This was taken at Duarte's Route 66 Car Show. Here's Rock Griffith's souped up Pontiac Superior.
A clean '67 Superior Crown.
This took place back in September '99.
Both of these majestic coaches were displayed in all their splendor.
This was the HotRods Of Norco Show. This is Bob Dority's rodded up '69 MM.

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