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It sure looks sleek and clean with some of the trim removed and that deep black paint.
This show was back in July '99.
Just imagine seeing this comming up behind you in your rear veiw mirror.
Something to aspire to.
Sent in by Mike Sealey with the following message: These were on the Online Imperial Club site at and I wish I knew who to credit for them. Someone said they thought National did the body...
Here's a different view of the 1957 Imperial hearse.
This is Randy Rambo and here's what he had to say:
I visited your web pages tonight. 'Nice touches.
My 1982 Mercury Cougar Villager GS Station Wagon isn't a hearse (phantom coach), but it's got a nice Hawaiian license plate: SLEDNZ
Perhaps we will have to have it converted, and painted in BLACK?!
Mahalo from Hawaii (Big Island)
Here goes Randy's pride and joy.
This article was sent in by our favorite Borg Drone featuring our Japanese member, Junichi Nagasaka.
This is where he got the article from.

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