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And, Mike's '66 S&S.
Carol & Simon sent us some pix of their "Hearcedes".
Built in 1984 this "Lowline" W123 200 Mercedes Hearse was coachbuilt in Ireland by Duffy and then was believed to have worked overseas (possibly South Africa?) before being shipped back to England in 1995.
This coach has come straight from service and has done 58.000 miles from new.
Fitted with a (by American standards) tiny Mercedes 2ltr 4 cylinder petrol engine and automatic gearbox this car also features adjustable rear shocks instead of the more common "Self levelling" unit fitted to most Mercedes of the time.
It is also fitted with an electric roof vent which causes a very strange and eery howl inside the car when driving......not that the passenger in the back is likely to complain!
The car certainly raises a few eyebrows around the streets of London.
This 1974 Cadillac hearse lives in Belgium.
This coach is owned by Patrice Scyeur of Belgium. He's a designer and undertaker.
Patrice describes his coach as, "Cadillac 1974 (year of birth) white hearse (Wayne)."

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