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This great couple from Holland, Hein and Debby, have certainly been busy.
They were on a Dutch television program called "De Grote Beurt" (can you say this?) with their hearse.
It's like the Dutch version of "Pimp My Ride".
Their hearse was painted black with a graveyard mural. The mural was done by a famous Dutch artist.
They also installed purple neon lights underneath and inside the coach.
Here's another view of the inside lit up.
Here's how it looks in regular daylight. They certainly are happy with their car -- wouldn't you if you had all that done for free?
Some pix of some cars are our June 12, 2005 meeting in Laguna. The Svnessons arrived in this ambulance.
Dave C. showed up in this coach.
Jeff brought out his ol' Eureka.

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