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You may recall these folks from galleries 54 and 55. They're from Holland.
And this is their coach.
At an All American car show, they put on quite the display. Debby is seen here in her casket.
Lying in front of their coach, their dog wanted some of the attention.
And, as you can see...
...there was plenty of attention.
Sheldon from San Anselmo, CA is the current owner of the 1916 hearse featured in gallery 1.
They finished the restoration on Christmas eve.
He emphasized the original engine was rebuilt and purrs wonderfully.
If you look closely, you can see a body basket inside. As was explained to us at the Cypress mortuary school, baskets were used for first calls to take bodies away, not for burials. The guy giving the tour speculated that's where the term "basket case" may have originated; if something or someone is a loss or dead, it's a basket case.

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