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Mr. Jason Beam of Great Falls, Montana sent us these photos of his 1977 S&S Landau.
It's fresh out of storage and ready to hotrod around this summer.
Ron Sinclair of Bennington NH sent us these two pics of the arrival if his 1970 MM 3-way.
"She was just delivered from California, I've Been wating 36 years for this day!!!!!!"
It certainly is a nice coach, enjoy.
These next photos were sent in by a fellow named George.
These are pix of George's 56 Olds Flowercar. His motto is, "If I Can't Weld It-----It Can't Be Welded".
I wonder what this car's like up close. It still has the back doors.
It looks clean.
These next two pix were sent in by "hatetank" with this message:
I was looking at your website, and couldn't help but notice you have some pictures of the 1936 Auburn Hearse, from ACD. Guess what I have in my garage? HMMMMMMM A 1936 Auburn Flower car. We believe it was a flower car, not a ambulance and it doesn't have the rollers in the back either.

Compare this to the hearse in gallery 13 (last three photos) at the ACD.

In a follow up email, he said:
The ADC club can't tell me anything about the car because they say 1936 was the last year and records weren't kept very well. Also someone had started restoring it before I got the car and it may be that it is a hearse or maybe a combination . Anyway I do love my car and plan to have a blast with it. My plans are to street rod it , I've got a tune port out of a Corvette (305) with a 700R transmission . It does have a partition behind the front seat and I want to make it so that it will roll up and down. I'll keep you informed as to my progress, it has been slow, I've had it for 13 yrs.

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