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Dorsey & Bobbie Rhoads of Rising Sun, Maryland sent us these photos of their 1964 Cotner-Bevington Cotington Landau.
Dig how the drapes contrast with the paint.
This sleek profile implies that it has standard glass, a plus in the unfortunate event of windshield breakage.
These are a couple of pics of Shadows '74 Superior 3-way. Always rollin down the Vegas Strip.
Open and ready for business.
Submitted by Matthew Coon. This is a 1957 Memphian Pontiac combination funeral coach/ambulance which has been parked in the same barn for nearly thirty years. The combo was used by a funeral home in a small Ohio town and was retired from service in 1973.
Submitted by Dan. This is his 1982 Mercury hearse. He writes, "it isnt very pretty right now, but i have worked on it since this photo , i will send updated photos soon of things like the new hood ornament , its a skull with red lighted eyes and the new interior."
Submitted by Andy B, a member of the CHR (Classic Hearse Register) in the UK. This is his 1979 MK2 Granada Hearse built by Coleman Milne.
Andy calls her Belle Morte, French for "beautiful coach" which he thinks is very apt.
This is a meeting of the northern members of the CHR, from the left Mick n Jans MK2 "cold Ethyl" then "Belle Morte" and last but not least Shivs Beast "Diechie" who you already have in your (extensive) gallery.

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