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Robert Scott has this 1975 Superior.
It's not often you see a black hearse with a red top and if you'll note the head stones in the front yard.
This entrepreneurial young man is starting a hearse club in Virginia, we wish him all the luck.
Doug Thomas from Ontario Canada sent this photo with the following info:
Hi im doug from london ontario canada, I saw (Rock Griffith's) car at the rock and roll engineering site and (he's) only the 3rd person that I know to have one of these cars. I have had mine for 5 years now. here is a pic of my car and girl. she runs like a dream. I was told only 25 ever built. any truth to that?
Siobhan (aka shiv) sent us a few more pix of this UK coach.
As you can see we've taken the deck out and use her as our mobile bedroom.
It's ssoooooooo comfy.
Don Kld from Hollywood North, Canada, sent us these photos of his 1960 MM 3-way.
This certainly is a clean machine.
Ready to take you on your last ride.

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