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"We visit other meetings for all American cars...there they call us the freaks or the gravedigger and the fake corps."
These folks seem to be our kind of people, they sure do love Halloween.
We sometimes think we have a hard time finding another person in our town with a hearse. Imagine how hard it would be to find a fellow hearse enthusiast in Holland. You folks rock!
Shivers from the UK sent us these pix.
Their little lady is called Dieche, "she's a 1984 Nicholson, Norwood 2.8 V6 ford granada and only been out of service 3 weeks, we've just taken the deck out and putting a matress in the back and red velvet curtains up and were off to the motorbike rallies in her."
It's kinda interesting how the casket sits so high compared to American made coaches. Although I suspect Britons figure our coaches are odd with the caskets sitting so low. Thanks Shiv.
Budley from Calgary sent us these next three pix.
Budley said he "Recently inheritted this 1951 Pontiac Barnette Hearse from my grandfather when he passed away. I bugged him for five years as a kid to sell it to me when I grew up, then he got sick, and told my father that he wanted me to have it. It has all the original parts from '51, so it needs a little work done on it, but my dad drove it when he moved it, so it's still got potential. I can't seem to find any information on it anywhere though, it would be greatly appreciated if I could get a tip on a website to look for or something. "
So, how about it folks, can anyone out there help out ol' Budley?
Joe McDonald sent us this pic with the following message: "Here is a photograph of my 1962 Cadillac S&S Victoria with an extension table. I recently bought the car and plan on a full restoration of it to its original condition. In addition to this car I also own a 1957 Cadillac "75" limousine (ex-funeral home car), a 1967 Cadillac "75" limousine, and a 1962 Cadillac Sedan DeVille." Thanks Joe.

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