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This is Mundo's new hearse in Chicago. He's Also a member in the Chi town Street rods and he's so proud of his new Coach. He cruises in past us all the time...Dig the way it's parked in a no parking zone..When will he post the funeral parking only signs ????? Yes, it's parked at the service entrance to the home......The day after he brought the coach home his garage was hit by a car and his other car inside had to to go the bodyshop for repairs.I think the new Phamtom wants the inside parking for the cold chicago winter.
What appears as the flames of hell under the hood and around the headlights as i call it was caused by the new Brighter crime preventing street lights installed by the city of Chicago. I don't know the name. Someone should be able to figure it out . If they have ever been to Chicago..
Back in 1998, Stuart Rowe sent us a photo of this coach when he got it just before starting the restoration. It's a 1937 La Salle.
This is the (finally) restored version of Stuart's 1937 Cadillac La Salle end-loader hearse.
Exported to Australia as a long wheelbase chassis, it was right-hand drive from the outset, Holden built the panels, and Oldings Coachcraft of Glebe in Sydney did the coach work.
The current rollers and bier pins are from a 1967 Cadillac by Superior, but the rest is original. It is now back in service in Sydney, Australia !
Thses next series of photos come from Hein and Debby in Holland.
They were just cruising the internet for some hearses when they found our site.
"In Hollland there are no meetings for hearse bad!!!!"
It's a 1974 Cadillac Superior.

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