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This along with the rest of the images with "unknown" as their description are of unknown type. If you can identify one or more of them, let us know.
Thanks to "lobelia", this is a 1938 Packard.
I received an email from a fellow named Gary about this photo: I strongly believe that the car is a Caddilac. I would say from 1929 to 1932. It could also be a Lasalle.
I just purchased a 59 hearse. It will either be for sale, parts of it for sale, or I'm going to work on it. I haven't decided yet. I don't have it on my website yet, but here is a picture of it. What is off of the car in the picture, is inside.
Thanks... Dan
1993 Chevrolet Suburban 1st Call Vehicle
silver exterior with black top / blue interior / 19,000 miles

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