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Seeing hearses used in other countries is always facinating. Though this looks like a Miller-Meteor Eterna, there are some additional touches not seen in the sales literature. Of note is the wreath on the back door, and the rails on the top of the back door and above the side windows. I wonder what they were used for?
You just gotta love seeing big ol' Cadillac hearses in exotic locations.
He aspires to start a hearse club in Europe but for now, with the help of a French friend, he has a forum at He figures starting a hearse club in Europe will be difficult because the attitudes of folks over there are not the same as they are here in the USA but he's not going to let that stop him. He's certain there are hearse lovers in Europe and he is determined to find them.
Cool, it even has the extend table.
He also has a black 1978 hearse; kinda looks like a Miller-Meteor. In addition, he has a 1952 custom Chrysler Saratoga, a 1990 Chevy van and a PT Cruiser Convertable. In his own words, "American cars are rare in Europe".
His 1978 hearse has suicide doors and a "blue roman" interior. It's currently undergoing restoration and needs a new engine. It's very hard to find parts like that in Europe.

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