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Up till now all the other park patrons kept their distance. We were over-run by little candy-grabbers as soon as they saw our stuffed stiff.
One hit was all it took to take it's head off. Leave it to one of our sick friends to pull that off while blind-folded.
Sunnyside Mortuary??? Can't tell you when it was exactly. But we had 13 hearses I believe.
Sunnyside from the front.
PCHC member Brian. I like the reflection I got in his window.
This was after the first picnic we had in that park in Santa Monica. We went to that cemetery up the road.
I think this was when we went to the Hollywood Cemetery where we broak a record with 22 hearses.
Halloween in July '95 party at Mark's.
Halloween '97 at the Pierces. The costume contest.
Halloween '97. Man of the house.

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