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Here goes an Australian De Soto hearse from Chris Keating. It was registered as a 57 De Soto. I know it's nothing like a US 57, but Chrysler Australia did some very strange things in the 50s.
This has the really long side window common to most Australian hearses.
A real good photo of the split type rear door, the top half opens like a hatch back and the bottom drops like a tailgate.
How's this for unique? An Australian Pontiac hearse. Note the low roofline and the typical long side glass.
The hardware in the rear of the car is used to cover the coffin (or stretcher) during a transfer.
Chris Keating of Australia described this as a Ford Mainline hearse with Chrystler Royal fins on it. Go figure.
Here goes an oldy. This is a 1950 Ford.
Kinda utilitarian looking but cool none the less. Thanks Chris.
This is a 59 Ford hearse, a very simple conversion from a standard Ranchwagon.
Imagine a car like that here in the states.

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