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Still more pics of Shawn's coach.
The classic lines of the traditional landau bar.
Shawn and his buddy.
Plenty of room inside.
Paint is so shiney you can see yourself.
Chris Keating of Australia sent in these next series of photos of Australian hearses. He was also kind enough to make some corrections to a couple of the cars discriptions in gallery 16. This is an example of the base vehicle of many of the Chrystler Royal hearses of the time.
Here's an example of a 1961 Australian Chrysler hearse. It's powered by a 6 cyl. flathead, with a 3 speed manual trans. Body built by Smith and Sons, of Sydney.
In my opinion, a very cool Australian 1957 Chrystler Royal hearse.
You just gotta dig that two-tone paint job. Interesting how the side doors are completely framed meaning the side glass is not as big as on some of the Fords and Holdens.
The wrap-around windows on the corners are nice and the hatch-back type rear door is really unique to us yanks.

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