to Visual.

Gene & Kim Bandlow (Mr & Mrs M Balmed), Grand Rapids, MI, 1986 Cadillac S&S Victoria endloader and 1984 Buick Eureka endloader.

Bear, 1966 Ford "Rancho flower car".

Richard Beaudoin, Los Angeles, CA, 1986 Miller-Meteor Endloader Cadillac DeVille.

Darren Bedford, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1973 Superior Cadillac 3-way Landau and 1976 MM Cadillac landau.

Paul Belik, 1971 Cadillac M-M 3-way.

Jim Brunner, West Hollywood, CA, 1975 M-M Cadillac Classic limo combination.

Michelle Buckingham, Australia, Aust. 1959 Ford Mainline end-loader.

Phil Coomer, 1976 Cadillac M-M Landau Traditional 3-way.

Frank & Susan Christenson, Utah, 1967 Cadillac Superior End-Loader.

Cameron Deveney, Windsor, PA, 1969 Cadillac S&S Landau End-Loader.

Zac DeVoe, Detroit, MI, 1970 Cadillac Superior Landau End-Loader.

Martyn Donaldson, Australia, 1960 Cadillac Eureka Landau 3-way.

Charlene Duran, 1967 Cadillac Superior Crown Landau Endloader, 1967 Cadillac MM 3-way.

Larry Fausnacht, 1978 Cadillac S&S Endloader.

Mark ``Tinny'' Flynn, Australia, 1966 Cadillac Superior Landau End-Loader.

John Greaves, Australia, 1971 Dodge Phoenix end loader.

Michael L. Gonzales and Paul Marrratta, Long Beach, CA, 1970 Cadillac MM Landau, Endloader.

Steven Greentree, Australia, 1978 Chrysler, 2-door hearse, 1939 Ford Mercury and 1952 Dodge.

Ramon Gregg, Ponca City, OK, 1971 Superior Pontiac End Loader hearse.

Rock Griffith, California, 1964 Pontiac Bonneville Consort Landau End Loader hearse.

Scott Griffith, Downy, California, 73 Cadillac M-M 3 way Electric.

Ronnie Grubbs Jr., Long Beach, California, 1959 Cadillac Superior Landau 3-way.

Richard Haggard, Cushing, OK, 1974 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Landau End-loader.

Gary and Loriann Harker, Henderson Nevada, 74 Cadillac M-M end loading landau combination.

Darren Hinesley, Kansas City, MO, 1973 Cadillac MM "Olympian" Landau, Combination.

James and Liza Kellems, Glendora, CA, 1966 Cadillac M-M landau 3-way.

Kri Kendall, California, 1964 1/2 Cadillac Limousine.

John J. Koresko, California, 1964 Cadillac M-M end loader and 1694 Cadillac S&S endloader.

Nanette Lambert, California, 1970 Cadillac Superior Sovereign Landau End-loader.

Gordon Limtiaco, California, 1965 Superior Cadillac Crown Royale Sideloader.

Michael Angelo Liquori, Illinois, 1960 M-M, 1958 M-M, two 1960 Cadillac limos, 1970 S&S, 1978 20' stretched Cadillac limo.

Deborah Lovelace, California, 1970 M-M 3-way Cadillac.

Keith Lubow, Alhambra, CA, 1965 M-M "duplex".

Kelly Mann, California, 1961 Cadillac Superior, Crown Royale 3-way.

Robert "Rx" Marker, California, 1960 Buick Flxette.

Al (Lumiere) Massé, San Dimas, California, 1966 Cadillac, 3-way M-M. Many photos so please be patient.

Dave Mathis, 1977 Black Cadillac S/S Victoria Endloader.

Michelle "Raven" Maynard, Ca

Heather Monell, Burbank, Ca

Christopher Shane "LURCH" Mullin - Mesa, AZ, 1948 Cadillac Hess & Eisenhardt 3-way Hearse.

Reverend Thomas M. Nealeigh, Citizen of the World, 1962 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron.

Paul J. Nix, Arleta, CA, 72 Superior 3-way electric.

Junichi Nagasaka, Tokyo, Japan, 1967 Cadillac M-M 3 way.

Cheryl and Mark Pashby, Claremont, CA, 1970 Cadillac M-M Landau Traditional 3 way electric.

Chris, Steve and Doris Peeks, Yucaipa, California, 1947 Cadillac Superior End-loading Limousine Style Combination.

Michael Petrich -- Las Vegas, Nevada, 1960 Cadillac, Superior- Hearse / Ambulance Combination. Lots of photos so please be patient.

Richard Petrich -- Las Vegas, Nevada, 1976 Cadillac, Royal Blue, Superior High-top Ambulance. Big photos so be please be patient.

Chuck & Debbie Pierce, California, 1962 Superior Crown Sovereign, 1970 S&S, 1974 Superior Crown Sovereign.

Dee Reynolds, Northridge, CA, 1992 Cadillac S&S Victoria Endloader.

Barbie Ryan, 1959 Cadillac Sedan.

Ritch Sabin, Horsehead, New York, 1967 Superior Endloader.

The Saenz Family, California, 1955 Pontiac Starchief Superior Landau End-Loader.

James Sassano, Farmingdale, Ny, 1972 Cadillac Superior 3 way.

Bobby Singleton - Yorba Linda, CA, 1959 Superior Hearse/Ambulance Combo Endloader Landau, and 1974 M-M Citation Endloader.

Alan Such, Willow Grove Pa, 1976 Cadillac Superior Crown.

Chris Tatum, Ventura, CA, 1980 Cadillac S&S Victoria Endloader.

Guy Thorpe, California, 1965 Cadillac Superior Landau end-loader.

Kerri Jackson-Thorpe, California, 1973 Oldsmobile 98 Cotner-Bevington.

Robert Van Doren, Lake Forest, CA, Several vehicles.

Greg Van Veghel, Eagle Point, OR, 1974 Cadillac Superior, end-loader.

Mark Villarino, California, 1968 M-M end-loader.

Miss Eva von Slut, CA, 1976 Cadillac S&S Victoria centennial edition endloader.

Marv and Ellie Willson, Iowa, 1983 Cadillac Superior Endloader.

The following profiles have no photos, so use your imagination:

Matt Tynan, Sydney N.S.W. Australia
1970 Ford Fairlane End-Loader. Metallic paintwork and fittedchrome.

Hobbies are mountain biking, surfing, and hang gliding, "One car does it all." On Friday the 13th, some mates and I put on hideous horror makeup and went out for a few beers. A good laugh! Some people just can't take their eyes off of them scars.

Kristen Deem, Van Nuys, California
Don't currently own a hearse but drove countless coaches for Pierce Bros. mortuaries, I worked for seven years as a funeral director and embalmer. I also work in motion pictures, my latest project was "Phantasm IV". My hobbies include painting, playing piano, synthesizers and the pipe organ. I also enjoy writing, astronomy and space exploration (got my name of the recent Mars Pathfinder lander and the Cassini probe to Saturn's rings). I love networking with "Phantasm" fans. Also, I love baroque, classical and new age/electronic music. When I was a teenager, I had a beautiful Motobecane moped. I used to love chasing hearses down lonely country roads (after the gravesideservices).

Bill Hayes, Redondo Beach, California
1976 Cadillac Superior end-loader features a "moaning horn". I am a martial artist, Harley rider and freelance writer (published regularly in Easyriders and Black Belt magazines). When we are not out on the big bike we are at the beach in the hearse at lifeguard station #13 just south of Beach Blvd. in Huntington Beach with our bicycles. Our "tailgate parties" have attracted more attention over the last severalyears than we can remember ... one can only guess how many tourists' vacation photos we are in. They usually ask permission to take our pics... often referring to us a Gomez and Morticia. I usually make them hold some of the plastic body parts we always carry with us. My internet address is: No computer... I didn't even have a pushbutton phone until '95... didn't have a TV till I got married. If you can't ride on it or in it, it's not worth having.

Blacky B. Blackstone (M. Hanlon),Cardiff California
1971 Cadillac S&S 3-way. Silver with white top and interior. Really gets peoples attention. My hobbies are sleep, sex, drink, art, and music (heavy metal & classical only!). Favorite coaches-- all three way Cads, and my 71.