Charlene Duran, Eugene, OR:

1967 Cadillac Superior Crown Landau Endloader
1967 Cadillac MM 3-way

Hobbies and interests: Hearses (of course), road trips, taking care of "the children of the chrome" (my Cadillacs), gardening, shopping, driving in reverse, and parallel parking in tight spaces (heh...heh).

Hearse story: Why a hearse? Why not. In the beginning...I was 6yrs old when I saw my first hearse (at a funeral). I thought it was the most beautiful car I'd ever seen. It was a big, black, smooth, chromed beast. I knew one day I would own one (or two). When I was 16, I wanted one, but couldn't find one, so I waited and 5yrs later I found one. One month before my 21st birthday I bought my first hearse. It was love at first sight! He was a 1967 Super Crown Cadillac Hearse. He had a silver body with black top, I was breathless! With my palms sweaty, difficulty breathing, and heart pounding, I bought him on the spot. If you haven't guessed I love my Superior Crown. My second love is my 1967 MM. I end with my personal favorite quote "How dare I, therefore I am."