1958 Superior Landau 3way

Amy, ``The Hearse Queen'' of Grim Rides vamping it up on my 1959 MM Landau Side Loader that I just bought from Ken B. of Grim Rides.

1959 Cadillac Eureka Flower Car, 1 of 4 built.

1959 Cadillac Eureka Landau Side Loader, #1 off production line

1959 Cadillac Superior ``Royale Rescuer'' Ambulance w/ suicide doors (no, this is NOT a Ghostbuster’s)

1959 MM Futura Limousine Style Combo w/front and rear A/C - just before excavation (in barn for 21 years)

1966 Superior Landau 3-way electric with Lev-L-Matic and factory A/C. This is my very first hearse which I bought just out of service from the original owners in Feb. 1988. The most asked question "What color is it?"

1967 Fleetwood Series 75 Limo - only 835 built

1962 Eureka Landau 3-way electric with Lev-L-Matic and two-tone gray vinyl brocade interior. This hearse is identical to the one Marilyn Monroe rode in

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