Michael Angelo Liquori, Flesh & Blood Tattoos, Kewanee, Illinois

1960 M&M, 1958 M&M, two 1960 Cadillac limos, 1970 S&S, 1978 20' stretched Cadillac limo. I like their personalized plates the best. BOD ROD, DEDSLED, PHANTOM, LIL LIMO, LLLLIMO, 58 FINI.

I enjoy model making, tattoing, piercing, writing an occasional magazine article and collecting coaches. Sick! Recently a trucker was decapitated in a wreck on a local sharp curve. We passed the site on our way to work in the BOD ROD, a 74 M&M. The workers flagged us down thinking we were there for the body. I apologized, "Sorry bud but this hearse delivers only live cargo!" Nobody laughed. "Phantom" plates are for you guys.