Michelle "Raven" Maynard, Ca.

I do not have a hearse yet, but I'll tell you about my interest: pre 1972 chevrolet trucks (especially Suburbans) Caddilac and Packard hearses, I teach yoga and pilates, I'm starting out a pinstriping business, I do welding, custom upholstery (speciallizing in free hand sewn flames), art work, dancing, music. Although I don't have any hearses, I do have 2 suburbans - 1972,1949, two 1979 Camaros (for my sons Tyler 6 years old, and Julian 4 years old), and a Studebaker 1963 wagonaire. I also do 90% of the mechanical work on all my vehicles. I'm also interested in starting a side career as a 50s Bettie Page style pin up model.
I sent a picture of me and "Cargoyle", and me and my '72 Suburban. (in the Cargoyle picture I'm using a cane because I had an accident but I',m ok now)