Michael L. Gonzales and Paul Marrratta, Long Beach, CA

1970 Cadillac MM Landau, Endloader.
My true life story....

I was born and raised in the land of enchantment in Albuquerque New Mexico, lost my virginity @ 14, I went to a party in 1976 and became AKA "Brenda Precilla Martinez" in Precsott Arizona on the 4th of July. I meet a cowboy, hit the bars and decided I love booze and anything that goes with it, mean while back at the ranch, "ohhh, I gotta idea" I,ll move to Hollywood to be a Star, a Super star, Drag Queen on my 18th Birthday I did just that.

Landed in West Hollywood California."Finally I have arrived" Boys & Men everywhere....WOW!!! Ohhh Myyy GODDD!! I got my star on Santa Monica blvd, My going price was $500, give or take a few bucks or trade.... I got married the fist time in the L.A. County jail, that same year in 1980. There I turned Disco Queen, Pat Bennetar, Boy George, then Madonna.

7 husbands later, I was striped of my Star. I forgot to mention, the 7 husbands where dope dealers... Absoulutley loooooved it!! The apple didnt fall too far from the tree. So, there I was painted for the Gods all Punked and skunked out!!
Then, along came "DADDY" a sailor Man at the Eagle, a gay bar who turned out to be rich!! well, you know where my mind went.... Wealthy over nite and I became his "Mistress" and his 1st little merry mate of his sail boat "our sail boat" the "Liberteen" That was about as butch as it gets!!

From rags to riches I moved to Long Beach California and had lots of Parties. diffinetly a "Diva" then tragedy hits... he,s dead!! and Im rich.. Sooo, whatta I doo?? I get married again to another dope dealer, this is husband #10. At this point,2 yrs later, its OVER!!! get out!! and so the story goes like this.....

There I was in Re-hab, no man, no money, no drugs, no NOTHING..but, another idea.. I'll be a NUN!! maybe not!! A year later, I went to the beach, I dont know what I was looking for and then I saw, this big black car as I got closer I saw it was a Hearse. There was this guy cleaning It. I pulled up,in my little "toy" truck, Thats when I met Ronnie, you know.. "Ronnie" Dahearse" Ronnie and we talked for a while, and then... "pause" Ronnie and I exchanged phone numbers, later again we talked "pause" and he invited me to Hollywood, to a film shooting of his 59 Cadillac Hearse.
After a few more outtings with club members and more vintage cars and hearses, parties, lottsa fun, Im struck by lightning and was hit sooo hard I got sober!!
A few years later I was drawn to Hearses and I had to have a Hearse & there "SHE" was... CRUELA!! a 1970 Cadillac Miller/Meteor Landau end loader She needed a make over so me being an interior designer/painter/home detailer and you know the rest... I went on to restore it to "MY" specs. As you'll see in the pictures to follow you will see it took a lot of puppies.

I guess I was thinking spots, the color "Merlo" like the wine, It didnt suit me sober, Soooo Instead, it's a very cranberry look, I put some custom wheels on her, a few jewels here & there, and now with her 23 gallon gas tank capacity, she can go a long ways, with her powerfull 472 Caddy V-8. She takes off as "Cruella De Ville" does in the movie "101 Dalmations" Im sure I could tell you more about it but i only have this to add, Now Im with husband # 12, married in Vegas and still together 5 yrs later, Paul and I are still strong and so is Cruela and Ive added a few things since as well as my wardrobe etc.
It has been an exciting and sometimes a scarey and bumpy ride in Phantom Coaches, haa haa haa but, lots of good memories to date.. It has been an honor for us to be members of such a diverse group of people and their Coaches. looking forward to many more good times, yours truely .... Michael and Paul ...aka Cruela and Boo bear.