Robert "Bobby" Singleton - Yorba Linda, CA

1959 Superior Hearse/Ambulance Combo Endloader Landau, and 1974 M-M Citation Endloader.

Features: 1959 Superior Hearse/Ambulance Combo Endloader Landau- Stock. Landau endloader with jumpseats and sirens. Currently being restored and modified. License Plate-- LSTWISH (CA).

1974 M-M Citation Enloader. Stock with CD Player, and Dual Exhaust.

Spending time with my Wife and Son. Fixing up my coaches, Collecting vintage video games, halloween stuff, and Cadillac parts. I also like various types of music and going to the movies.

My hearses over the years: 1970 Superior 3-Way Landau (Crashed R.I.P. 1999) 1976 Superior Endloader (Sold) 1970 Miller Meteor 3-Way Landau (Sold to Mark Pashby) 1959 Superior Hearse Ambulance Landau Combo (I Still Own) 1974 Miller Meteor Citation Endloader (I Still Own)
People say "Is that a real hearse?" and my response is "Can't you see it and feel it? you tell me"