Gordon Limtiaco, Los Angeles California

1965 Superior Crown Royale Side Servicing Limousine hearse
1974 Superior Crown Limited Side Servicing Landau hearse.

I have been a funeral director for 15 years, a hearse enthusiast since childhood, and a longtime member of Phantom Coaches since the early days.
I have sold the two hearses you see pictured here, since they weren't exactly what I have been seeking.
The '65 is still in service by special request at Rubidoux Mortuary in Riverside, California (without the drapes), and the '74 was sold to an individual in Wyoming who spoke of blowing it up in some movie.
The perfect hearse for me would be a low mileage '75 or '76 3-way electric Superior Crown Limited with mohair interior in nice condition. If you know of one, let me know.