Mark Flynn. But I prefer to be called "Tinny", Canberra, AUSTRALIA .

1966 Cadillac Superior Landau End-Loader, Blue, Purchased from Paul Nix 1997, arrived in Australia 27/Dec/97, I picked it up in Sydney 7/Jan/98.

Occupation: Disgruntled Postman (with seversal guns)

Unique Features: The coach is dead stock. The fact that it is Left Hand Drive makes it unique over here. Being a Caddy, and a landau also makes it unique, as it is totally different to locally produced hearses. The coach will be staying left hand drive, but the only problem I have is the Landau section causes a massive blind spot which can have you running small jap cars off the road (but I reckon that is no great loss).

Hobbies/Interests: Hearses, Cemeterys, Pontiacs, Blackpowder pistol (and rifle) shooting, Australian history (Bushrangers, Bandits, and Bastards), learning to airbrush T-shirts etc. Basically just an average bloke, into bloke things ie: Cars, guns, knives, Harleys, women and booze.

Favorite Coach or Halloween Related Story: When my coach arrived from the U.S. it had Phil Smith's (Melbourne) casket in the back. We had to wait for a week for it to be cleared by customs and there were a lot of New Zealanders working at the storage yard where the coach was unloaded. They were all pretty spooked by the fact that it was a hearse but even more so by the casket in the back, and couldn't wait for the coach to be outta there. Too cool, just out of the container and already upsetting people. Since then, I have managed to offend quite a number of people. Recently a lady was overheard by Michelle Buckingham. She commented on how luxurious my "car" was. She did a complete turn around though, when her husband pointed out the fact that "it's a hearse, Dear". Because the coach is so different to local hearses, a lot of people think that it is some sort of limousine. I have shown off my coach to the local funeral directors and they have all shown interest in using it if they get a request for an American hearse, so hopefully my caoch will be going back into service occaisionally.

AND YA GOTTA BE HAPPY WITH THAT............................