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Eve Le Crosse is making her way to the strip in her 1968 M&M 3-way.
Kri Kendal in her 1965 limo and Alderic Massé in his 1966 M&M 3-way are also making their way to the strip.
Mark Villarino is gearing up for position in his 1968 M&M end-loader.
Here goes Ronnie's 1959 Superior side-loader and Rock's Pontiac in the back ground.
This was sent in by John A. Lucier with the following message:
Okay, all- I was referred to this website by a sweet girl in San Diego named "Dolly"- I recently acquired, freshly snatched from the jaws of the crusher, a 1965 Caddy Hearse that had been converted in the late seventies/early eighties into a limousine titled "club dead".. To Start, as a Corvette owner, I know purists may cringe- keep in mind that since buying it in July, I've been tearing gaudy add-ons off, and fixing it up- the "convertor" was a local radio clown named "captain sticky".. the roof was cut out, a large casket shaped buildup added, and topped with a giant tinted plexi dome- a split level dance floor and mucho neon, inside and out, all works- after hundreds of hours of my own labor, (I compete in IASCA sanctioned Caraudio Competition in the 'Vette- Expert Unlimited..) the car is registered, insured, and fully legal. I'll send a couple of pix- let me know if you have any interest in my applying for membership- mainly want to get together with other hearse owners...Here's the first of a couple of attached jpg.'s..also, my corvette is on installs, then click onto "batvette..." qualified for world finals last year....John A. Lucier..San Diego.
Is this thing something else or what? Now THIS is a PARTY hearse.
This Ford Model A hearse was found by member John Koresko.
Everything on this car was original except the tires.
Just check out the original green mohair interior.
This was a nice 67 Superior side-loader that was for sale many, many months ago.

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