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This is the Pierce's 1974 S&S with Debbie standing next to it.
The Griffith brothers at "Creature Features" in Burbank with Bela Lugosi, Jr., and Gail Anderson from KTLA news.
Some Phantom Coaches at the 97 Cad/LaSalle club meeting at queen Mary.
'97 Halloween parade in Downey.
This was sent in by Rif Addams, this is his '61 Superior 3-way.
Rif, inspired by Dragula, is building this coffin roadster.
Sent in by Norman at : ``A hearse pic for you a Monster Hearse, dont know what year or anything just saw it on the web and saved it figured you would like to display it.'' Since this was posted, the owner, George posted to our message board the following: ``I am the owner of the monster hearse in the picture gallery. It has a 900hp big block Chevy with steering both front and rear. It is fully equipped with all the necessary gear for crushing cars. It also is totally stock on the interior with power windows, air-conditioning etc. It is street legal and used regularly for school programs, parades and even nights out on the town. It can also be seen on the grim rides home page.
It along with 5 other 1960-1970s cadillac hearses are for sale. I also have several flower cars, i.e., cars with the back open to carry flowers in funeral processions.''
Sent in by Eric: Ah how I am jealous. I must say that you have a fascinating site. I have always found hearses and limos fascinating, particularly Cadillacs, but in my house I was not even allowed to think of them let alone consider having one. Which sucks considering my recent graduation from college has forced me back home. The closest I could come was my understanding mother (with help of an inheritance) bought me an 82 Coupe DeVille, almond color(yuck). But hey I loved that car and I am mourning the loss of it after I traded it in for something newer. Big mistake, I bought a fucking Dodge Intrepid, fortunately it is black and silver, even though it has to go to the shop already. Well anyway I will have another one someday, but til then I can enclose a photo of me and (what I called my soul) my cadillac in Woodlawn Cemetery in Chicago's Western Suburbs. Just want to say great site, and great cars.
Thanks Erik
Paul Belik ``was just playing with Adobe Illustrator and this is what came out of it. Thought you may be interested. Oh yeah it's a '71 M&M''
Vernon, Rion sent us some artwork he did for us. Thanks.

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