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This flammed 1970 Superior was sent in by Domenic Bartolini.
Just imagine seeing this bearing down on you through your rear view mirror.
For those of the flame paint job persuasion, eat your heart out.
This arrived from Ian & Lee Marr in New Zealand with the following message:
Dear Phantom Coaches....
Please accept on our behalf, a piccy of our beloved Elvira (60 M&M 3 Way) which apparently used to be in your club see Robert Van Doren for details
Hope you love her as much as we do
Ian & Lee Marr
Dead Sleds NZ.
Dig the cute license plate.
This arrived from Stacy ``Big Daddy'' Daugherty with the following message:
Attached is a picture of my new baby. I bought him Monday, March 8th. He is a '75 Superior Endloader direct from funeral service. he has new tires, new paint, new exhaust and only 62,000 miles. Other than a tiny rust spot on one fender skirt, he's perfect. I got him for (are you ready?) $2,000. I've named him "The Count".
This arrived from Patrick (PSYCHO) Atkins with the following message:
This is my 71 M&M (THE BEAST) I bought 3 years ago for 500 bucks. after a lot of work and sweat it is road worthey. This picture was taken at a holloween at a hunted house in Dover DE were im stationed in the air force. Im about to drive it to florida were im going to be living. It still a work in progress converting to a hot rod with all the origional equipment in the back (the power tray still works).
These pictures of a white 1968 M&M arrived from Ken of Bullhead, Arizona.
John Valenti of the Horizontal Limousine Club from Australia sent us this and the next two. This is a 1959 Australian Ford Fairlane hearse.
Another view of the 1959 Australian Ford Fairlane hearse.

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