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While visiting different towns and cities, Phillip and Mark happened on this cemetary somewhere in Kansas.
Same cemetary, different view.
Here they are at the natural bridges national park in Utah. While in Utah, they found themselves not only stopped at rock formations...
...but driving along the edge of canyons...
...and through hill sides.
On their way to a small town in southern Utah, they saw this shop on the side of the road and just had to stop for obvious reasons.
Here goes an interesting photo out of Ohio of an unusual '68 Miller-Metor. Notice what's odd about it?
A casket in an ambulance? Isn't that kinda like killing two birds with one stone?
Here is a '62 ford Australian hearse. As you can see, it started out life as a station wagon.
Unusual to see an american car with the controls on the right-hand side of the car. Apparently, these were made in Canada specifically for the export market to England and Australia. In otherwords, these weren't rinky-dink conversions but factory designed right-hand drive cars.

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