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Phillip Smith of Australia owns this Pontiac hearse.
The Australian coach design is much different from American coach design. Australian generally start with station wagons (hence the tail-gate) and go on from there. Sometimes, these cars were streched but generally, their roof lines were not raised unlike their American counterparts. American coaches have the tall roofs to accomodate a casket with a floral spray on the casket. Australian coaches subsequently they have flower racks on the roof to carry floral arrangements.
As can be seen here, their casket (or in this case, coffin) locking mechanism design is also different than what we see in American built coaches. Interesting to see the differences in design.
This is a 1968 HK Holden hearse. Holden is the Australian division of General Motors.
This car started out as a Kingswood then streched 20" and a Premier front put on.
The casket (or in this case coffin) compartment is completely carpeted. Note the station wagon type rear opening and the long single piece of glass on each side of the car common to Australian hearses.
Michelle and Linda with their Ford Mainline and Galaxie hearses.
Linda on the left and Michelle on the right with their hearses in a cemetery in Canberra, Australia.
This is a 1923 (?) Hudson hearse in Australia.
This is another picture of the 1960 Chrysler Royal hearse that we have in an earlier gallery.

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