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A meeting in a cemetery in Las Vegas.
Same meeting, different view.
An errie B&W photo of a meeting in a school parking lot.
Back door of Pontiac hearse open with an interesting foot-locker in the foreground that was used in a grizzly murder back in the '60s.
This is a picture of the 1916 Cadillac 8-column carved panel hearse by Geisel that not many people have seen until now. This was taken by Dan Golden who found it in a barn and purchased it in the condition you see here. It was originally offered as just the coach alone or on a Buick chassis. The original owner back in 1916 bought the coach on the Buick chassis but didn't like it so he had the coach removed and placed on a Cadillac chassis. It was subsequently stored for the next several decades in one barn then another.
The coach part of the car was in near perfect condition since is was stored indoors for so long. The interior of the coffin compartment was silk lined and was completely intact. Dan decided to have only the chassis restored and the coach left original. The post-restoration is what you see here. The sad part of this story is that when Dan finally took the car to its first and only show, it rained and water seeped through the roof of the coach and destroyed the original silk. Distraught over what happened, he traded it for a 1935 Chrystler 3-way.
Here go a couple of members at a charity car show.
This one is a 1961 Chrysler Royal from Melbourne, Australia sent in by Graeme Lemin. "It has a flathead 6 cyl (yeah, I know), and a 3 speed manual trans. The body was built by Smith and Sons in Sydney. I bought it from a funeral director about 4 years ago, and haven't really had to do much apart from wash the dust off, fix the brakes and one or two other minor jobs. I use the car occasionally, mainly just for shows etc."
These pics were sent in by who said: Hi, Just got a new ride, Thought I'd share it with you all. 1970 cadillac S&S victoria made by H&E. Near perfect condition. purchaced from local funeral home who were the original owners.
From Gothic Chicago with the following message "I will be sure to tell my friend Jamey. Keep in touch!
My fav so far is my Rocky Horror Fan friend owned a huge PINK hearse!"

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