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Trev sent in these next two photos of an exquisite 1965 Superior.
He said he may be selling it in the near future.
Merrill Gibson sent this with the following message: I found this on the net a couple of years ago. It was at an European auction, bidding reserve was $8800. Couldn't tell whether it sold or not. Unfortunately, I didn't bookmark the site, just saved the pic. It looks like a Caravelle, but doesn't seem to have the sunroofs, nor the "Caravelle" script on the fin. Still, it's really nice, don'cha think? .
Eric Moheng sent these with the following message: It's a 1959 Plymouth Fury with the 383 Golden Commando engine it. All original...It's possibly one-of-one ever produced..I'm not sure who manufactured this hearse but it's called a openback hearse...If you have any information on this hearse and who manufactured it then I would like to know more about it.
Interesting coach to say the least.
Scary Perry Claeys sent us this next series of photos.
This is Scott's 1968 Cadillac Superior Crown Hearse Combo (currently under restoration).
This is Scott's 1980 Cadillac Superior Crown endloader.
Sleek and black.
Wanna ride?

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