Who we are, Where we came from and What we do
A few of us were originally members of a social club where the hearses were the common denominator for the members. As membership in that club grew, so did the diversity of its membership. The growing desire for more hearse-related activities by more of the members gradually caused the focus to shift from a social club to a car club. That original club was unable to evolve with the needs of its members, so as a result the Phantom Coaches Hearse Club® was formed in the spring of 1994.

Although we have evolved from a social club to a car club, we are still a very sociable group. We attend monthly meetings at various locations including memorial parks, and we publish a monthly club newsletter for our members, The Epitaph, as well as a membership roster that is updated several times per year. Our largest social functions during the year include a New Year's Eve party, Memorial Day Weekend road trip, and (of course) a Halloween party. We attend numerous automobile-related events, including car shows and parades. We have even been the subject of several newspaper and magazine articles, and radio and television features (usually around Halloween ... go figure). Some of our members have had their hearses appear in movies, videos and television shows and commercials.

Although we are centralized in Los Angeles, California, we have about 180 members worldwide. We are from virtually all walks of life but share a common appreciation for hearses, flower cars, limousines and ambulances. Whether restored to original, radically customized or anything in between, we invite and welcome all enthusiasts of professional cars... and you don't have to own a hearse to join. We also offer lots of merchandise for sale with our club logo on them for both members and non-members.

skull imagePhantom Coaches Hearse Club newsletter -- The Epitaph
Our official newsletter includes meeting minutes, calendar of events, "Hearsetoons," lots of photos from recent events, "Horrified Ads," jokes, stories, member profiles, and more. Here, you can check out excerpts from a recent issue. Back issues are available to members online in the member's only area.

Vintage hearses cruise circle, Orange County Register article from January 2007.

Cars to die for, Daily Breeze article from October 2006.

Southwest County members of hearse club to show their coaches, North County Times article from October 2005.

L.A.Cars: Cruising With the Hearse Club, L.A. Weekly article from March 2003.

Creepy coaches haunt street in Halloween hearse parade, Orange County Register article from October 2002.

Feeding fascination for hearses , Press Enterprise article from January 2002.

Hearse of Horrors, Top Gear article from December 2000.

A man and his hearse, an article about member Clarence Williams as reported in the Orange County Register.

Funeral Article as reported in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

Los Angeles Times article about us done in October, 1994

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