Packard Questions.

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Posted by Ronnie G. ( on March 14, 2005 at 11:37:00:

In Reply to: 52 Henney-Packard Questions. posted by PSYKO Inc. on March 13, 2005 at 09:51:09:

Well there guy.... It "W O U L D " have reeeeeally helped to know, What STATE or COUNTRY you are even writting from..?????

2nd, in California, on some thing like that, all you do is aply for a "LIEN" threw a lien service.

Make up a storage bill/repair bill for $300-$550 and an address, Its then "ATTEMPTED" to go threw the DMV sytsyem... Of course there is NO DMV history for anyone to notify and NO ONE claiming the car.

In 30 days, you get an ALL CLEAR letter, take that to the DMV with VIN verification and a few bucks later, You have a title!

I recently had to this happen to me, threw a lien I was notified about a 1992 Cadillac I sold 5 years ago, The funeral home just bought the coach, got stolen and striped. Went to a wrecking yard and an "EMLPOYEE" AKA "LOOSER" "#!S-HOLE" but i wont mention Dieter Obiji,s name here... took the car to rebuild and later ABANDON the car.... (after he "hit & run" a friend standing in a parking lot but, we wont talk about that) The Lien service had me and bizz partner listed on record as being the responsible person/owners and I/WE was sent a $1,200 for storage and towing..

Since it was not paid by neither of us (due to no interest) the lien was awarded to the person that placed the lien on the vehicle... Thats how it works.

R o n n i e G. long Beach California, USA

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